Calvary Restoration is not about giving Christians another option on Sunday mornings. It’s about calling people to take seriously their place in the body of Christ, in community, in disciple-making, and on God’s mission as embedded missionaries to reach others with the good news of the Gospel. While we endeavor to grow numerically as people place their faith in Jesus, we are starting with a core group of founding members already firm in their faith. This gives us an early advantage to lay a good foundation for Calvary Restoration. This is one of the benefits of being sent out by such a supportive and kingdom-minded church like Calvary Church Englewood. If you are considering being a part of Calvary Restoration, Pastor Jeff would love to meet with you, to get to know you a little, and to share what Calvary Restoration is all about. This is an important first step that will help you as you seek God about where He wants to place you in His church. Joining a local church is a big decision and one that should be informed and prayed through. Not that it has to be a difficult or daunting task, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly because it involves making a commitment to the vision and mission of the church and to the community of believers there. If you’d like to meet up with Pastor Jeff to learn more about Calvary Restoration, contact him –